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AdSpace IO

AdSpace IO is a modular next generation 100% web-based advertising software, that integrates and automates all stages of a media agency workflow – from the first rough media laydown all the way to reporting – in one holistic and easy-to-use interface, thus accelerating and digitizing media processes.

The system’s core features:


AdSpace is an advanced planning, buying and billing tool, that enables full control and efficient automation of media processes from managing master data to finance reporting. The system helps increasing efficiency in the handling of all media channels, including digital.

The system’s core features:

Omega Analytical Set 6

Omega Analytical Set is a universal high-performance platform purposed for building applications and solutions for BI, OLAP, reporting, analyzing, forecasting and visualizing cross-media advertising campaigns.

  • Merging heterogenous data sources and using them in reporting
  • Quick and extremely flexible defining of reports with complex structure
  • Very high performance, scalability and load balancing as a result of the 64 bit multi-tied clustered architecture
  • Open architecture and, as a result, the possibility to implement additional data sources in a short time
  • Live access to the data without time consuming ETL process or pre-aggeration
  • Modern web-based user interface
  • Creating user-specific dashboards
  • Integration with MS Office using the Excel and PowerPoint templates
  • Generating reports as “ready-to-send” PowerPoint presentations
  • full integration with AdSpace IO
  • “Software as a Service” (SaaS) option